Thursday Night Guest Bartending


Guest Bartending

We, at the hotel, like to give back to our community! We have set aside every Thursday night for anyone that would like to give a stab at Guest Bartending. Here is what you need to know:

-pick a date

-pick a time...6-8 or 7-9

-feel free to have entertainment!

-ALL bar tips earned within your time slot are donated to your choice of fundraiser

-dining room/server tips ARE NOT included (please let your customers know)

-the hotel will donate back to your fundraiser 10% of food sales from that evening


-50/50 raffle is allowed as long as you have a small Game of Chance license

-we will promote your event within the walls of the establishment but it is your job to promote

  everywhere and anywhere else

-any flyers made to advertise will be posted in the hotel

-only two guest tenders are allowed....our staff handles all food orders and cash exchanges

Every guest Bartending turns out to be a great event! All of our guests up to this point have put a lot of time and hardwork into their night and it certainly has showed! Feel free to contact us at the Hotel with any questions or concerns! 570.784.1070